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March Book Order!

I’m in the process of updating my website but it will not be finished until this summer. All writing related material and links are being moved from this blog to a special page. The focus here will be strictly picture books.

And speaking of picture books…

Check out my 2013 March Book Order:

The Market Bowl by Jim Averbeck
The Secret Message by Mina Javaherbin
Anatole by Eve Titus
All Through My Town by Jean Reidy
The Maggie B. by Irene Haas

(Makes your fingers itchy to turn pages, right?)

Let’s break it down…

This first one is brand new from Charlesbridge:

The Market Bowl by Jim Averbeck

Yoyo has listened to Mama Cécile’s song about how to make ndolé (bitterleaf stew) her entire life—long enough to know how to make it herself, now that she is finally old enough. But slicing the bitterleaf, grinding the pumpkin, measuring out the shrimp—it just takes too long. Yoyo is confident that her variation on the stew will be good enough.

As Mama Cécile and Yoyo set off to market, Mama reminds Yoyo what will happen if she refuses a fair price for the stew—Brother Coin, the Great Spirit of the Market, will put a curse on their market bowl. When Yoyo refuses to heed Mama’s advice, she is faced with the task of trying to regain a blessing from the god himself.

An original folktale set in modern-day Cameroon, The Market Bowl teaches readers a lesson about patience, humility, and the value of a fair price. Back matter includes further information about Cameroon and its people and traditions as well as a recipe for ndolé—Cameroon’s national food dish.

I also have this title by Jim Averbeck:

Oh No, Little Dragon! by Jim Averbeck

Little Dragon wreaks adorable havoc in this energetic picture book from the creator of Except If.

With a PHOOSH and a Grrrrrr and a CANNONBAAAALLLLLL! Little Dragon tears through his day (and the house). But even when he gets a little too rambunctious, there’s no OH NO! that Mama’s kiss can’t fix. Jim Averbeck celebrates both the tremendous energy of a little boy and the tenderness shared between mother and child in this vibrant picture book that begs to be read aloud.

(So cute!)

I've wanted this next book for a long time:

The Secret Message by Mina Javaherbin
Illustrations by Bruce Whatley

All day the bird sang of longing. But the merchant would not let him go…

Alone, imprisoned in a golden cage, and far from the jungles of home, a parrot longs for freedom. Will he ever escape?

Thanks to a secret mesage passed along by his friends in India, the parrot outwits his wealthy owner and soars to freedom.

Based on an ancient Persian poem, this is a story of surprising cleverness, powerful solidarity, exotic travels, and a simple wish fulfilled. This enchanting tale, told with subtle humor and vibrant images, is a perfect introduction to the culture, literature, and history of the Middle East.

The Market Bowl and The Secret Message will sit on a special shelf:

Can you guess the theme?

(I positively adore folktales and legends, etc.)

This third book made its debut last week:

All Through My Town by Jean Reidy
Illustrations by Leo Timmers

Rising, waking
Bread is baking
School bus honks its horn

Who are the people in your neighborhood? Perfect for the pre-K set, this adorable rhyming text takes a walking tour of your community. The fresh modern art of Leo Timmers features hidden details and a perennial theme reminiscent of Richard Scarry. Little ones will beg to re-read again as they discover the characters who repeat throughout the art in this sweet and vibrant story.

The illustrations totally rock and there's a surprising twist at the end.  This story is perfect for toddlers!

(Click here to see more of Jean Reidy's picture books.  She's a favorite at our house.)

Next up...

Anatole by Eve Titus
Illustrations by Paul Galdone

Anatole is a most honorable mouse. When he realizes that humans are upset by mice sampling their leftovers, he is shocked! He must provide for his beloved family--but he is determined to find a way to earn his supper. And so he heads for the tasting room at the Duvall Cheese Factory. On each cheese, he leaves a small note--"good," "not so good," "needs orange peel"--and signs his name. When workers at the Duvall factory find his notes in the morning, they are perplexed--but they realize that this mysterious Anatole has an exceptional palate and take his advice. Soon Duvall is making the best cheese in all of Paris! They would like to give Anatole a reward--if only they could find him...

(And it's the 50th Anniversary edition!)

This last title really tugs at my heartstrings:

The Maggie B. by Irene Haas

A little girl's wish to sail for a day on a boat named for her " with someone nice for company " comes true.

In a simple, straightforward text and in luminously beautiful full-color paintings and sensitive brush drawings filled with fascinating details, Irene Haas lovingly creates a world of her own into which children will eagerly go to share Margaret Barnstable's wonderful day on The Maggie B.

(I can't wait to share this snuggly story with my grandson. It's a must-have for parents and teachers alike.)

And now, I'm off to plan my next book order. Happy Reading!

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