Monday, April 23, 2012

A Graveyard Smash!

I spy another giggly-ghoulish creeper stirring in the crypt...

Giggly-Ghoulish Creepers is a term I use for stories that tickle my funny bone with characters that are typically associated with horror flicks.

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And here it is, boys and ghouls:

The "Monster Mash" gets Wolf Man, zombies, and other monsters to dance and party in this catchy, classic song. Dracula rises out of his coffin, vampires feast in the master bedroom, and the ghouls get a jolt from Boris's electrodes.

This "graveyard smash" caught on in a flash, and it became the hit of the land. The song, written in 1962 by Bobby "Boris" Pickett and Lenny Capizzi, has gone on to sell over 4 million copies. Fifty years later, David Catrow takes it to new heights as a picture book, with his fun and wacky illustrations that are sure to get kids singing and "mashing" along.

(July 1, 2012)

It’ll be a graveyard smash!

And let's not forget about this one:

Illustrations by Nathan Hale

This laugh-out-loud funny and devilish send-up of Ludwig Bemelmans's Madeline is for little monsters everywhere.

Frankenstein is the scariest of all the monsters in Miss Devel's castle. He can frighten anything--animals, parents, even rocks. Until one night, Miss Devel wakes up and runs downstairs to find that Frankenstein has lost his head!

(July 17, 2012)

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You have been warned!

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