Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Monstrous Parody

“Look! It's moving. It's sha--it's... it's alive. It's alive... It's alive, it's moving, it's alive! It's alive, it's alive, it's alive! It's ALIVE!” Henry, Frankenstein (1931 film)

I’ve discovered another giggly-ghoulish creeper stirring in the crypt:

Frankenstein by Rick Walton
Illustrations by Nathan Hale

A monstrous parody of children's picture books?

(July 17, 2012)

This one could be quite funny, but there’s no description yet. The cover reference to Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans is a complete riot:


I posted a link about Frankenstein on Facebook yesterday, and I haven’t stopped laughing since.

This weekend is off to a great start!

Note: If you're a Madeline fan, I blogged about the books here and here.


Rick Walton said...

Congratulations Kimberly :-). Yours is the first blog that I've seen which mentions our upcoming book! Our version of Frankenstein includes lots of eating of things and people that proper children should not be eating, as well as much monstrous mayhem. But the creepiest thing about this book is something I discovered during its production. The name of the narrator of the original Frankenstein novel is...R Walton. Thank you for the shout out. Rick Walton, author of Frankenstein: a Monstrous Parody

Kimberly Lynn said...


Thanks for stopping by, Rick. It's amazing what we turn up in research. It must have been an eye-popper to see the name R Walton, though. LOL! I wonder what else is lurking out there...

Rena said...

I'll definitely look for this Frankenstein book. The boys and I read an abridged version for school this year and they loved it.