Saturday, October 1, 2011

Janeen Mason: Drawn to the Story

The Pensacola Museum of Art is hosting a solo exhibit of Janeen Mason’s original children’s picture book illustrations. I'll be going back for a second visit soon!

Where: PENSACOLA, FLORIDA (407 S. Jefferson Street)
When: September 16 - November 6, 2011

Here's an excerpt from the museum website:

Janeen Mason writes and illustrates award-winning children's picture books using her brilliant sense of color and delicate detail to inspire imagination and a love of reading.

This exhibition of 100 original picture book illustrations transports viewers into the many worlds Mason has created and shared with children all over the world.

"Children's picture books are a primary source of inspiration which have enormous consequence in our culture," says Mason. "They provide the introduction to a lifetime of creative imagination and appreciation for the arts. This is powerful juju in a landscape of ever accelerating technology."

(Janeen blogged about it here.)

I’ve known Janeen Mason for years through SCBWI Florida. She’s an amazing person and always willing to help fellow authors and illustrators. You can read an article I wrote about one of her illustrator intensives here.

Gallery Night and Janeen’s opening was a blast!

This was my grandbaby's first literary event, so I was thrilled to get him a signed copy of Ocean Commotion: Sea Turtles. We took a snapshot in front of the original artwork:

(I have a signed copy too!)

This is an illustration from Janeen's picture book Gift of the Magpie. I picked it up last year at the SCBWI Florida Regional Conference in Miami:

(Click here to learn more about it.)

And here's what I've added to my collection:

Pirate Pink and Treasures of the Reef
Written by Jan Day
Illustrations by Janeen Mason

Rambunctious Pirate Pink, daughter of the notorious Captain Redbeard, is on the hunt for treasure: underwater treasure, that is! When Pink and her friend Juan venture down to Sea Turtle Bay to see what damage the recent storm has done, they discover nasty Captain Snagg’s ship wrecked upon the rocks. The daring pair board the ship to look for coins, goblets, and glistening jewels, but when Snagg and his crew suddenly return, Pink and Juan must dive under water in a crazy escape filled with sharks, sea turtles, and treasure galore.

Ocean Commotion: Life on the Reef
Written and Illustrated by Janeen Mason

Through roiling waves and a swirling light show, a brave hermit crab crosses a brilliant living reef as she tackles the ocean’s obstacles on a quest to find a shell that fits. During her mission, she encounters such aquatic creatures as conch shells and shimmering jellyfish.

The World's Greatest Explorer by Jan Day
Illustrations by Janeen Mason

When a storm blows in, Jimmy dreads spending the afternoon indoors, but his grandfather knows exactly how to pass the time. He ventures into the cupboard and pulls out a dusty, old book—the journal of Jimmy’s seafaring great-great-grandfather, James Earl Silas Tuckingham, who once traveled the world with a botanist.

As the storm rages outside, Grandfather and Jimmy journey into the past and relive James’ adventures as he roamed the untamed oceans. On his travels, James discovers new species of plants, explores the Amazon, and defeats vicious pirates. At first, Jimmy is bored with the book, but as his ancestor James sails to exotic New Guinea and Guam, he and Grandfather share the thrill of James’ voyages...

(I caught up with Janeen and snagged a photo.)

(My daughter Crissy, grandbaby and me.)

Good times!