Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Vunce Upon a Time

Written by J.otto Seibold and Siobhan Vivian.
Illustrations by J.otto Seibold

A vegetarian vampire who loves candy?

Halloween is my favorite holiday so I’m thrilled to finally own a copy of this humorous picture book. I first learned about it on The Longstockings blog. Take a peek at the book trailer:

(I’ve been talking like a vampire for a week now!)

The retro illustrations are a scream:

Very special treat!


Kelly said...

My Halloween loving kids would love this book!

Rena said...

My boys will love this! I'll have to look for it -- they love Halloween stories just as long as they're not too scary.

Always curious about book trailers for picture books. Seems hard to do one without giving the entire story away. What do you think?

Kimberly Lynn said...

You ladies have to get this one—it’s my favorite!

Rena, go to YouTube and type “children’s book trailers” into the search box. Some authors do give away too much information, but most of them include just the right amount. I like the idea of being able to make a commercial and send it out into the world for free. FREE! There are a bunch of posts about it on the Verla Kay Message Board. I can’t remember the links, though.

Tara said...

Looks like such a cute kids book! And forget the kids--I love Halloween.